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Ana Clerc

Ana Clerc has been elbow deep in fiber arts since being taught to embroider when she was three.  This was followed by lessons in crochet at 5, knitting at 8, and sewing at 10. From a long line of needlewomen, Ana was one of those children who needed to keep their hands busy, and nothing has ever changed. 

 Though a native Texan (growing up in Houston and Galveston), she lived for 14 years in the Midwest and discovered what wool was really for.  This sudden exposure to cold reinvigorated an already strong interest in knitting and crochet.  This, combined with a love for pure color theory, led to some really warm and colorful experiments.  Ana went on to further her love of color and imagery studying Theatre and Film at the University of Minnesota.

Ana moved back to Texas in 2000, and has been busy ever since.  She currently crochets, knits, sews, spins yarn, designs needle and hook cases, designs knitting and crochet patterns, and embroiders.  She has made a vow this next year to improve her embroidery, learn needle felting, and learn to quilt.

 Ana is thrilled by learning and loves to spread that thrill to others.  Her lessons are full of information, both on the technique and the history behind it.  Ana acknowledges and tries to foster many different learning styles during her classes.  Teaching knitting and crochet for the last 8 years, following 6 years of teaching jewelry making, she is a patient and adaptable partner in furthering new skills.

 Ana is the mother of 2 and wife of a really handy guy.  With the family, she is starting a letterpress card business on a 125 year-old press, as well as selling handmade items on the family Etsy site: .  Lessons with Ana are $35, with discounts for blocks of 5 lessons.   Private lessons are available with a flexible schedule.  Ana can be reached via email:  , via Ravelry (username: badgersmama) and more information on her exploits can be found on her blog:

Allison Hoffman

Allison’s craft pursuits started after her first son was born and she started scrapbooking.  Life got in the way and she looked for a more portable creative outlet that would take up less space.  After seeing the word “amigurumi” and googling, Allison was literally “hooked” on crocheting!  Self-taught, she finally picked up the correct methods and started writing her own patterns and selling them online in her etsy shop,  After writing and publishing a pattern for a Conan O’Brien doll, the I’m With Coco facebook group spotlighted her work and soon lil’ Coco was all over the blogosphere, including spots on Entertainment Weekly’s pop culture blog, and Perez Hilton’s fashion gossip blog, Coco Perez.  Pee-Wee Herman came soon after, with a tweet and facebook mention of her Pee-Wee and Chairry dolls by the man himself!
While Allison’s main focus in crochet is designing dolls, she also loves working with color and texture creating blankets, clothing, and accessories.  Allison loves the speed of crochet and its ability to create 3-dimensional objects with so much character.  She hopes others will find out the joy of crochet along with her.  Her patterns are available on ravelry (alliecat30) and her etsy shop, , where she sometimes sells her finished toys as well.  She also blogs at .

Laura K. Alger-Barkley

Laura Alger-Barkley is an Art Teacher and Knitting enthusiast.  She lived in New England and New York City before finally settling down in Austin, but is still a big city girl at heart. While working on her undergraduate degree at Pratt Institute she taught herself to knit. That’s where the real obsession started and 10 years later she is still purling away.
She loves teaching everyone young and old. She can knit just about anything but simple projects small and large are her favorite to knit!

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Dena Wagner

I picked up my first aluminum crochet hook when I was about 8 years old. I was watching my grandmother one summer during a visit and taught myself the chain and a double crochet. That's all I knew until I was an adult and she finally taught me a granny square.  Eventually, I learned more and then began my interest in Amigurumi after I had children of my own.  I became interested in knitting in 2006 I believe and taught myself as nobody I knew in real life knitted. I really enjoyed it!  When I first saw the Knitting Nest store one day, I begged my husband to let me run in and my obsession began! Now I carry a project everywhere I go with the hope I can get a few rows done.   I have lived in Austin since 1996. I will be married 16 years this July. I am a proud mom to two little boys. I work Sundays to help Stacy so she can take a day off and go visit her grandbabies. I give private crochet lessons and I hope to start teaching some beginning crochet and knitting classes very soon.  I have taught my youngest son to knit and a friend's daughter to crochet. I love teaching kids and adults alike!

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Carol Bixby - 

The most fulfilling roles of my life can be described as wife, mother (2 adult sons), grandmother (2 adorable elementary age granddaughters), and educator (retired). My retirement has given me time to pursue several hobbies and interests. I am a docent at the Ladybird Wildflower Center and have regular monthly volunteer hours there. Their practices of preservation and sustainability have made me reexamine some of my own practices. I also love to read and knit. I have been knitting since I was a young teenager - a long time ago! However, it has been since retirement that I have really expanded my knowledge of knitting and enjoyed meeting others who also love to knit. I have taken classes to learn new techniques or to improve old ones - I don't think I can practice seaming enough to ever actually enjoy doing it. New friends have been made and they keep inspiring me to try new types of projects. I love to try knitting with new kinds of yarn blends and I can't believe what can be spun into yarn. I have a scarf made with yarn that contains sugar cane spun into it - back to sustainability of our resources! I continue to try to learn how to make projects that fit - I'm convinced that I'm working on a sweater right now that has a mysterious gauge! And I haven't seen anyone offer classes on dealing with mysterious gauges! I believe knitting with others can create comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable community. Knitting, for me, is creative, energizing, and sometimes meditative. It's been a life long hobby and it just keeps getting more interesting!
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About me:

Stacy Klaus

Stacy and her husband, David, lived in the Houston area for 25 years and owned an insurance agency in Pasadena. After their two kids, Matt and Amanda, were off at college Stacy began writing a knitting blog,  and became involved in the online world of knitting blogs such as The Yarn Harlot, Knittingfrau, and The Panopticon! David and Stacy started spending more and more time in Austin and eventually bought a home here and began planning for a future in Austin.

Proving why he is often referred to around The Knitting Nest as "Mr. Wonderful", David sold his insurance agency and he and Stacy moved to Austin full time in September of 2007 to open The Knitting Nest.  In January of 2008 David opened up a new insurance agency - he would love to help you compare your insurance rates!  Click here to email him for a quote!

Stacy's goal for The Knitting Nest revolves around the word "Community". There is a strong community building within the customers of The Knitting Nest as well as a strong involvement in the community around The Knitting Nest  (You can read about current projects on the "Get Involved!" tab at the top of the page.) 

Now that the kids are out of college and out of the house David and Stacy spend their time playing with Hank and Gracie, their two Westies and their grandsons, Max & Castiel