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  • Team Ravelry!

    Jessica and Casey Forbes and Mary Heather Cogar join us for We Love Ravelry!

  • Mary-Heather and Sarah

    Mary-Heather Cogar and Sarah Bible, the Princesses of Ravelry, join us for our Silent Auction to raise money for The American Cancer Society in honor of Mary-heather's mom, Linda.

  • Ysolda Teague and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

  • Franklin Habit poses as The Yarn Harlot

  • Franklin Habit knits with Stephanie Gage

  • Franklin Habit

    Franklin holds a jar of The Panopticon colorway from Lorna's Laces

  • Drew Emborski

    The Crochet Dude between classes at The Knitting Nest

  • Amy Singer

    Amy Singer, editor of, showing off her mad Uke skills!

  • Stephen Houghton

    Stephen Houghton, of hizknits, showing off our brand new t-shirts during our first SXSW.

  • Anne Hanson

    Designer Anne Hanson from visits The Knitting Nest one evening while she was in town to relax and knit.