Make yourself at home.

The Knitting Nest is a place to stock up on knitting supplies, learn more, hang out, and participate in the greater knitting community.

We have classes, private lessons, Stitch Clinics led by teachers and have hosted and helped with knitting parties for children, Bridal Showers and Baby Showers.

We have plenty of space inside for your group to meet

and lots of parking space outside!

You can find us at 8708 South Congress or call us at 512-291-8866 for directions - or just click the CONTACT link above for more information.

Thank You For a Great Yarn Crawl!

Prize winners from our store are listed below:

David Bellhorn, SuJo Plassman, Lisa Patrick, Sandra Frellsen, Cat Smith, Julia Weatherby, Carol Joiner

Sherry Frenzel, Dana Anderson, Cindy Moss, Anne Glasgow, Carol Bixby, Stephanie Salinas,

Tina Shands, Lisa Johnson, Lorelei Andrews, Jan Willemsen, Akaemi Barnett, Gilma Bobele

Karen Olson, Carol Yount.

Congratulations to all our winners! We hope you like the patterns for the coinpurses - in the next day we will have a page on our store blog - Knittingnestnews - with links and pictures to all the patterns. Please link your creations to the original attern page on Ravelry - the designers are all excited to see your interpretation of their patterns!!

New Wednesday Evening Stitch Clinic!

Join us on Wednesday Evenings for our new evening Stitch Clinics -

$40 for the month or $20 just to drop in for help.

Book 2 is Underway!

Hank & Gracie Stop A Bully

Look!  It's finished!  It's really finished!!

We have copies now for sale in the shop!

Blue & Green for 2015!

6 inches by 60 inches - Washable Yarn

Knit or Crochet any pattern!